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Bird Oasis

Recycled Plastic Large Hopper Bird Feeder
Winter has begun and our little feathered garden friends need our help more then ever. Wild birds depend on us for water and food. Your birdies will return again and again to this mother earth friendly feeder.

Eco-friendly recycled plastic.
Holds 2.5 quarts of seed.
10 x 9 x 10.5
Get ready for winter! Wild birds are already preparing for the harsh winter ahead and here’s how you can help:
Give all of your feeders a good, thorough cleaning before it gets too cold.
Clean out nest boxes thoroughly as many birds use these in the winter for roosting sites during cold nights. You may want to add an inch or so of dry grass or straw on the bottom for insulation.
Keep your feeders filled. Having a consistent, ready supply of food for wild birds is the most effective way to establish a population of winter resident birds in and around your yard. A well stocked feeder may also attract migrating species you don’t normally get to see. And don’t forget the suet!
Offer a variety of food in a variety of feeders. Platform feeders, tube feeders, mesh feeders, suet feeders, etc. all attract different birds.
Water should be consistently offered throughout the coldest winter months not only to avoid dehydration, but because many backyard birds must bathe year ’round to maintain their feathers for both effective and efficient flight. A de-icer can be added to an existing birdbath, or there are many good quality heated birdbaths available in our store.

Trillium Artisans

Red Silvertone Record Clock
It’s a feel good retro style clock from a crafter at Trillium Artisans. This clock is handmade from a recycled vinyl record and is a sure fit to any throwback, vintage or music collector.


Made by Trillium Artisans member Christine Claringbold of Eye Pop Art from a recycled vinyl record.
This groovy vintage red record has been transformed into functional home decor with a retro flair.

These clocks are made from red Silvertone Record Club records. Please note, each album title is different and yours may vary from the one shown in the photo.
The clock is approximately 11.5″ in diameter (29.21 cm).
Assembled with a new quartz clock movement and simple black hands.


According to wikipedia: Silvertone Records was a record label manufactured for Sears, Roebuck and Co. for sale in their chain of department stores and through mail order.
Silvertone Records were manufactured c. 1905 – 1931, and then revived briefly in 1940 – 1941. Early releases were single-sided lateral-cut gramophone records; in the late 1910s double-sided discs began to be released. Most discs were manufactured by Columbia Records, while some were made by Paramount Records and Gennett Records. Earlier along in the label’s history, it was used to supplant its sister label Oxford Records.
Let this musical history live on in your home with an Eye Pop Art record clock!


EarthTote Reusable Shopping Bag Starter Set

A perfect shopping bag starter set from reuseit! This set includes 2 EarthTote Originals, 1 EarthTote Insulated and a set of 4 recycled PET mesh produce bags. A great shopping set for your dry goods, frozen/cold items and your produce.

The EarthTote original is made from heavyweight 600 denier coated Cordura nylon, a fabric prized for its tremendous strength, durability and abrasion resistance. The nylon is reinforced with a PVC-free (vinyl-free) coating designed to help the bag stand up on its own.
The EcoCircle used in our PET Mesh Produce Bags provides a closed-loop recycling system for polyester products, producing a recycled polyester fiber with the same strength and durability as new fiber. Unlike virgin nylon, it does not require the use of petroleum, so this cradle-to-cradle system reduces trash production as well as oil consumption. The result is a high-quality polyester fabric, strong enough to hold up to 25 pounds, with a soft sheen and smooth texture.

Mr. Ellie Pooh

Ellie Pooh Greeting Cards

Gift your earthy friends with these colorful novel cards made from elephant dung paper. Yep, paper made from elephant poo. Shop these Mr. Ellie Pooh cards at
What a neat story, make sure you watch the video “Recycling Dung. A Unique Business”.
Whether you looking for a birthday, thank you or anniversary card, Mr. Ellie Pooh’s elephant dung paper note cards are just for you. Each card is individually wrapped and magnificently designed. Additionally, each card comes with a blank insert and matching envelope. Add your own message to make this card perfect for any occasion.
The elephant dung paper in these pads are color coordinated to match the handcrafted design and color of the cover. The perfect teacher or office gift; a great corporate gifts too.


Modern Artisans

Pink Heart Recycled Glass & Silver Hoop Necklace

Beautiful, whimsical and recycled are just a few words to describe this artisan crafted delight at Modern Artisans. This necklace is a charming gift for any age.
Recycled glass, leather and sterling silver unite in a contemporary, spirited arrangement! The handmade necklace features a hammered sterling silver hoop grasped by two strands of chestnut-brown Italian leather. Swaying below, a glass charm brandishes the artist’s intricate heart image. Glass recycled from an car windshield is tinted, hand-cut and kiln-fired to form the charm. Necklace includes sterling silver lobster claw clasp with 2″ sterling silver extender, allowing the necklace to be adjusted between 16″ and 18″. Matching earrings available (see below). Artist-crafted in Georgia.
~ Handmade in the USA ~


Fiona’s Flower Hat

It’s time to vamp up your fall wardrobe. Bring your flirty spring style into cooler weather with this stylish hat from Soul-Flower.
A bad hair day should never stop you from putting a pretty flower in your hair. Even on the best of hair days, you’ll want to wear this hat! It keeps things simply sweet, and will help remind you to take time to smell the flowers, no matter your mood. Off white, with black dotted lines and a mauve, felt flower sewn on the side. Made in Portland, OR from re-purposed cotton.

Earth Diva’s

Recycled Rice Bag Drum Bag

Go back to school at any age with this unique bag, recycled from rice bags. Earth Diva bags are certified Fair Trade.
This hemp hobo bag is a conversation starter with its past life remnants decorating the outside. It has a zipper closure with zippered storage pocket and double handles. The Details: length 11 inches, width 11 inches with handles that allow for 12 ½ inches suspended. Average weight is 10.8 oz.


LunchSkins Sandwich Bag

Stylish, made in the USA by Moms, with minimal packaging in mind, these sandwich bags by 3GreenMoms are a sure hit. offers nice price discounts on multiple sacks.

You’ll never need -or want- to use a Ziplock bag again! LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich Bags are a colorful, high-quality alternative to plastic baggies. Made from the same food-safe materials used in high-end bakeries and patisseries, not only will they store your food, they’ll keep in moisture and save thousands of plastic baggies at the same time.

Nubius Organics

ECO Lunchbag

Thanks to ECO Lunchboxes it’s easy being green. This kynd lunch bag at Nubius Organics is reusable, waste-free, easy to carry and eco cool. Great for Back to School, office or picnic.
Customizable, reversible, handmade and machine washable ECOlunchbags are a beautiful back-to-the-basics solution for adults and children who would like to adopt sustainable, waste-free lunch habits. Each bag includes a bundle of 3 matching napkins.
The handmade ECOlunchbag is machine washable and 100% cotton. Sewn from fabrics that are hand block printed by artisans in India, the bag is fully reversible and adjustable to fit children and adults. It converts to a backpack, sling bag, shoulder bag and hip bag.
The lining is loose and can be easily spot washed at the sink for easy overnight drying or tossed in the washing machine and tumbled or air dried.
The three napkins measure 16 inches by 12 inches and are designed for use as placemats or napkins.
The bag, which is 100% sweatshop free, measures 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The bottom is square, measuring 6 inches by 6 inches.

Fair Earth Paper Gifts

Handmade eco friendly paper natural leaf gift tags

These unique gift tags from Fair Earth Paper Gifts add that little special love to any gift giving occasion.
Set of five – 3″ x 2 1/2″ folded
Gorgeous vibrant handcrafted natural leaf gift tags – five bright colors to choose from!
These nature inspired designs are handcrafted in South India by local artisans – mostly village women and girls – under fair trade, and environmentally conscious conditions.
The area of production has received developmental support from a considerable number of governmental and non-governmental agencies for over 30 years, including ongoing endorsements from UNESCO.
All items are made from eco-friendly, handmade paper, which is processed by recycling cotton rags and adding other natural fibers like straw, wool, algae, banana pulp or bamboo.
Because each piece is handmade, color, pattern, design, and pressed plant shape may vary somewhat with each item.