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Eco Shoes – Buy Green

Elsie Women’s Eco Shoes
The Prima Ballerina in you will want to wear these sassy and eco-friendly shoe. A fresh take on a timeless look. These flats will bring out the dancer in all of us. Charming and Vibrant describes this ballerina flat. Vibrant rich colors displays the warmth of the spring.
This unique design leads to leisure fun with friends and family with desires of relaxation. Be the true you in nature with these eco stylish flats.
Styled with a coconut shell button, lined with organic cotton, and outlined with organic hemp canvas, this shoe is the perfect eco friendly shoe.
Available in Three (3) colors: Black, Brilliant Orange and Mint Green
Women’s Sizes include 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 and 10
Colourful Grass Shoe designs and create eco-friendly shoes that are accessible to all. It has done so by setting a standard for sustainable product development in regards to environmental and humanitarian leadership. The Colourful Grass standards are the highest in the industry and will always be improved for the betterment of the planet as a whole.
Our shoes are fashionable, durable and comfortable. Colourful Grass combine the best eco-friendly and recycled materials with cutting edge style to produce a highly sought after product line.
OUR MATERIALS – We use only eco-friendly and recyclable and/or recycled materials. We are currently utilizing the best materials available to us and will always strive to create the best in sustainable shoes with continuous improvements!
Here are our materials: Organic Hemp Canvas, Organic Cotton, Recycled Rubber, PU and Coconut Shell Buttons.

Kimono Art Studio – AbesMarket

img_6353_1_1_1_1_1_1Eye pillow designed from vintage Japanese silk kimono fabric, then filled with French lavender and organic flax seed. The fabric I use is recycled, originally from a vintage Japanese silk kimono that I disassembled.
The back of the pillow is a complimentary solid color silk. Each pillow comes in an acrylic plastic sleeve to retain freshness when not in use. Can be heated or chilled for added comfort. Uses include: resting over eyes during massage, meditation, or savasana after yoga. Also place under bed pillows for calming night’s sleep or in linen closet or lingerie drawer for fresh scent.
Eye pillow measures 8.5 ” x 4 “. Sleeve measures 9″ x 4 .25″

ECO lunchbox

Cute as a button! Our ECObuttonbag is made from handwoven Khadi cloth and artisan hand-printed textiles. With its flat bottom and sturdy handle, it’s the ideal carrier for your stainless steel ECOlunchbox bentos.
Measures 7 1/2″ wide, 51/2″ deep, 12″ high
Fully lined to make it sturdy and durable.
Wooden button closure.
Machine wash cold. Tumble Dry.

Pretty Clever Decor

Green Recycled Milk Beverage Glass Tumbler
4.5″ 13 oz. Green Recycled Milk Beverage Glass Tumbler
This green recycled glass milk tumbler has the word “milk” written on it in several different languages. It has a 13 oz. capacity. Sold individually.


Vintage Cracker Box


Made to be repurposed—before there was cardboard and paper packaging, crackers were stored, and even sold, in metal boxes meant to be repurposed when empty. Perfect for holding a candle, cookies…or even crackers if you choose.
Age, weathering, and patina are inherent in each bambeco found object. Chipped edges and other signs of life are typical of these vintage items. These unique found items are available in limited quantities. Dates to midcentury.


Women’s Flower Slender Eco Cuff
The Women’s Slender Flower Eco Cuff is a pretty multi-layered flower bracelet is handmade using a colorful aluminum beverage can. This piece of eco fashion will be a head turner and great conversation piece.
Four (4) Styles: Country Time Lemonade, Diet 7Up, Grape Soda and MinuteMaid Lemonade
Four (4) Sizes: if possible, please measure your wrist before selecting the size
– Petite is 5 1/2 inches long
– Small is 6 1/4 inches long
– Medium is 7 inches long
– Large is 7 1/2 inches long
The edges of the flower will not cut into your skin; they’re too lightweight to do that. The band is a slender 1/2 inch wide, and It’s edged with a silver-colored trim.
Remember that a cuff-style bracelet does not go all the way around the wrist/arm, so order your size with that in mind. If you’re not sure which size to order, call our toll-free number. We’ll be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have. Once the bracelet is on, you can gently squeeze the ends for a snug fit.
This is American-made recycled jewelry.
Cangles: Our Story started with the observation that our once thriving neighborhoods were now home to poverty with dozens of boarded-up businesses, littered with refuse. We had the idea of creating bangles by recycling cans thrown away due to carelessness. How exciting to actually do something that positively impacts the environment! The bonus was we would be creating an affordable fashion accessory for you to wear – Fashionably Green Jewelry. Eventually, with enough sales, we could employ people from our community in need of jobs. And Cangles were born!

JORD Watches

Today I have a product review from JORD Wood Watches. Jord is Sweddish meaning earth, soil or land. JORD watches are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials. The item I have received is a quite handsome Natural Green & Maple watch. Let me tell you it is most stunning in person.

94A Natural Green & Maple


Why have that wood grain on the dash when you can have it on your wrist. The 94A series includes a brilliantly etched, multi-colored, metallic face. Square, scratch-proof glass, secure Citizen Miyota movement with date. Stainless steel clasp fastens securely with a simple pinch.
*Hardened, Scratch-proof glass face: 26mm x 33mm
*Wood frame / bezel: 48mm x 42mm
*Band width: 26mm – 37mm transition design (5pc links)
*Lug ends: 42mm
*Stainless face
*Single action clasp
*3-hand Citizen Miyota movement with date window
*Includes stained bamboo display box
Each JORD watch is designed to be splash proof but is not intended for complete submergence in water. Also note that due to the nature of the wood chosen for each unique timepiece, colors and grain pattern may vary from photos.

I recieved tracking, fast delivery and my watch came packaged as pictured. Once open my husband and I were both amazed at the beauty, quality and sturdiness of this time piece. My hubs has a fetish for watches and recently I had gifted him a $400 Citizen Eco-Drive. This 94A Series has the craftmanship to stand next to his Citizen. I imagine this watch will be quite the conversation starter.






JORD Wood Watches

JORD Facebook

The Ultimate Green Store

Recycled Vintage Watch Movement Pendant
This handcrafted and one of a kind pendant features a unique and intricate recycled Swiss watch movement on a beautiful silver plated setting. The movement has been taken from a vintage Gruen watch, and saved from being disposed of in a landfill.
timependantThe watch movement is incredibly complex and intricate. In the traditional Swiss watchmaking style, 15 jewels are embedded inside for what was at one point exceptional time keeping. This wearable art features a 18″, 2mm rolo cable chain
Proudly hand-made in Los Angeles, CA by a local artist. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind, and cannot be exactly duplicated.
Product Features:
Recycled Swiss watch movement
One of a kind and unique
Silver plated beautiful setting
Intricate and industrial design
Vintage look and feel
18″, 2mm rolo cable chain
Hand-made in Los Angeles, CA by a local artist
Product Dimensions:
Pendant – 1 1/4″ x 1″
Neclace – 18″, 2mm silver rolo cable chain
Recycled Time – These rings, pendants and other forms of beautiful jewelry are made with unique and one of a kind recycled watch movements. These watch movements are kept out of landfills and turned into beautiful wearable art with Steampunk, Victorian, and Gothic influences.
The jewelry is proudly hand-made in Los Angeles, CA by a local artist. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and cannot be exactly duplicated.

Mr. Light

Remote Control Color-Changing LED Rechargeable Ceramic Spotted Pillar Lamps
mrlightSet of 2 Remote Control Color-Changing LED Rechargeable Ceramic Spotted Pillar Lamps Pillar Lamp – 6.75″ x 3.3125″ Base – 10.25″ x 5.125″ x .875″ 5 Hour Charge Time / 10 Hour Burn Time


Non-Toxic Glass Wasp Trap

This sturdy, colored glass wasp trap will take a bite out of your yellowjacket or wasp problem. Simply add the included lure, a bit of water, and replace the stopper on the trap. Hang or place in an area with high wasp concentrations. Wasps fly up through the bottom hole, become trapped, and drown in the water. After two weeks replace the lure, or just add sweet liquid (lemonade works fine).
To clean: remove the stopper, empty, and rinse. Easy as can be!
Can be hung, or set on a flat surface. Wasps can fly up into the bottom even when it is sitting on the ground.
Measures 5″ in diameter x 8″ high.
Lure made in USA, trap made in China.
Provides a non-toxic, safe way to control wasps.