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CBF Labels

Custom Designer Labels

A custom designer and manufacturer of woven and printed labels, hang tags, stickers, woven patches, embroidered patches, leather patches, rubber patches, PVC patches, badges, zipper pulls, print transfers, rhinestone transfers and stud transfers.


The AquaFarm is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food! Grow organic produce like basil, lettuce and wheatgrass right from the comfort of your own kitchen or classroom. This closed-loop ecosystem uses the fish-waste to naturally fertilize the plants above and in turn, the plants clean the water for your pet fish.
• Self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. Fish waste feeds the plants. Plants clean the water.
• Includes everything you need to get started as well as organic seeds and a discount coupon for a Betta fish (Fish not included in kit).
• Sleek and attractive design with 3-gallon capacity.
• Perfect for your kitchen or classroom. Also makes a great gift.
• Designed and manufactured in California.
• Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 8 inches ; 8 pounds -Less

Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel Twist Triple Insulated Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Twist is a stylish 13 oz stainless steel kids bottle comes with the same leak-proof twist cap found on our flagship Boulder bottle. Like all of our insulated bottles, The Twist features TriMax triple insulation technology to keep your child’s drinks cold for up to 36 hours, and hot for 8. The Twist easily fits into your car’s cup holder and the creative full bottle designs are sure to put a smile on your child’s face. Whether you put in a lunchbox for school or summer camp, or use it just as a fun bottle to have around the house, the Twist is the ultimate everyday insulated kids bottle. Give it a twist!
TriMax Triple Insulation
Removeable tea strainer
Large & small openings for ice and easy drinking
Compact size fits most cupholders
Back to School Sale 20% Off
Back to School promo – Save 20% on Eco Vessel water bottles and food containers with code school. Exp 8/30/14

Our Green House

Puravida Bracelets – Stackable – Pura Vida Style Pack – Mother Earth
Show off your natural side with this Mother Earth Style Pack from Pura Vida. Endless possibilities and combinations! With these waterproof bracelets you can enjoy a day at the beach surfing or laying in the sand. Each bracelet is hand made and unique. Wear them all together or mix and match to create new combos.
Set Includes:
Gold Bar Black
Platinum Beaded Brown
Forest Green Braided
Gold Circle Dark Grey
Solid Green
King of the Jungle Original
Silver Arrow White
Camo Original
100% waterproof
Iron-coated copper “P” charm
Adjustable from 2-5 inches in diameter
Original Designs by Pura Vida
Handmade in a simple way by local Costa Rican’s
Fair Trade

Kimono Art Studio – AbesMarket

img_6353_1_1_1_1_1_1Eye pillow designed from vintage Japanese silk kimono fabric, then filled with French lavender and organic flax seed. The fabric I use is recycled, originally from a vintage Japanese silk kimono that I disassembled.
The back of the pillow is a complimentary solid color silk. Each pillow comes in an acrylic plastic sleeve to retain freshness when not in use. Can be heated or chilled for added comfort. Uses include: resting over eyes during massage, meditation, or savasana after yoga. Also place under bed pillows for calming night’s sleep or in linen closet or lingerie drawer for fresh scent.
Eye pillow measures 8.5 ” x 4 “. Sleeve measures 9″ x 4 .25″

Soul Flower

Dragonfly Wrap Dress
dfly dressDragonflies symbolize living in the now and making the most of life. With three dragonflies decorating the skirt of this minty short sleeve, organic wrap dress, living it up won’t be difficult. V-neck and tie closure at the side.
Organic cotton. Made in the USA. Light green.
Measurements- (in inches)
Small – Bust: 32-34″ Length: 40.5″
Medium – Bust: 34-36″ Length: 42″
Large – Bust: 36-38″ Length: 42.5″
X-Large – Bust: 40-42″ Length: 43.5″

Nature Hills Nursery

Royal Empress
World’s Fastest Growing Tree with Year-Round Appeal
The Royal Empress Tree (Paulownia elongata) is native to China, but has found a welcome home in the U.S. as the world’s fastest growing shade tree.
This miracle of nature can grow up to 15 feet in its first season, and at maturity reach heights of over 50 feet in less than five years!
The light scent between jasmine and gardenia is irresistible!
Your Royal Empress tree will announce the arrival of spring with a spectacular display of bell shaped flowers that burst into bloom on cascading clusters of 8-12” blossoms. Their colorful display of lavender-kissed, pink and white will infuse the air with the fragrant scent of jasmine.
When the majesty of spring has passed, your friends and family will be amazed throughout the summer by the Empress’ uniquely fuzzy leaves. These huge emerald green leaves can reach up to 3 feet across.
Nature’s air purifier!
The Royal Empress tree can also filter toxins from the air at an amazing rate. In fact, your tree can capture more Carbon from the environment and convert it into pure, clean oxygen than almost any other tree in existence.
As if all this weren’t enough, during the winter months you will enjoy the adorable furry buds that cover your tree’s branches as they await the first signs of spring to welcome them into new life.
Easy to grow & hardy!
The Royal Empress tree is super hardy and tolerant of almost any soil type although it does best in well-drained soils. It prefers sun or partial shade and is pest & disease resistant.
Your Empress will be an outstandingly easy to grow accent to your landscape, providing a full, rounded crown to shade your home in a fraction of the time most trees would require to do so.
Not All Royal Empress Trees are the Same!
Another amazing quality of this tree is that, unlike some other varieties of Royal Empress, ours is non-invasive, so no need to worry about controlling its spread. Make sure you’re buying Paulownia elongata.
We grow the Empress Tree to be fast growing, stronger, and non-invasive. Order now and it is sure to bring many years of beauty to your landscape.
Quantities are limited. Order now to avoid disappointment!
* Fastest-growing hardwood tree
* Environmentally friendly
* Hardy
* Fragrant flowers
* Unique leaves and buds


Women’s Flower Slender Eco Cuff
The Women’s Slender Flower Eco Cuff is a pretty multi-layered flower bracelet is handmade using a colorful aluminum beverage can. This piece of eco fashion will be a head turner and great conversation piece.
Four (4) Styles: Country Time Lemonade, Diet 7Up, Grape Soda and MinuteMaid Lemonade
Four (4) Sizes: if possible, please measure your wrist before selecting the size
– Petite is 5 1/2 inches long
– Small is 6 1/4 inches long
– Medium is 7 inches long
– Large is 7 1/2 inches long
The edges of the flower will not cut into your skin; they’re too lightweight to do that. The band is a slender 1/2 inch wide, and It’s edged with a silver-colored trim.
Remember that a cuff-style bracelet does not go all the way around the wrist/arm, so order your size with that in mind. If you’re not sure which size to order, call our toll-free number. We’ll be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have. Once the bracelet is on, you can gently squeeze the ends for a snug fit.
This is American-made recycled jewelry.
Cangles: Our Story started with the observation that our once thriving neighborhoods were now home to poverty with dozens of boarded-up businesses, littered with refuse. We had the idea of creating bangles by recycling cans thrown away due to carelessness. How exciting to actually do something that positively impacts the environment! The bonus was we would be creating an affordable fashion accessory for you to wear – Fashionably Green Jewelry. Eventually, with enough sales, we could employ people from our community in need of jobs. And Cangles were born!

Artful Home

Crazy Heart Bowl
Art Glass Bowl
Created by Karen Ehart



Rivers of dichroic and iridized glass highlighted with gold pen work shimmer across this colorful bowl. After creating a design from tiny pieces of glass, the artist fuses and slumps them in a kiln to form a sculptural shape. Each is unique; exact color and patterns will vary. Sold individually.

The Ultimate Green Store

Recycled Vintage Watch Movement Pendant
This handcrafted and one of a kind pendant features a unique and intricate recycled Swiss watch movement on a beautiful silver plated setting. The movement has been taken from a vintage Gruen watch, and saved from being disposed of in a landfill.
timependantThe watch movement is incredibly complex and intricate. In the traditional Swiss watchmaking style, 15 jewels are embedded inside for what was at one point exceptional time keeping. This wearable art features a 18″, 2mm rolo cable chain
Proudly hand-made in Los Angeles, CA by a local artist. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind, and cannot be exactly duplicated.
Product Features:
Recycled Swiss watch movement
One of a kind and unique
Silver plated beautiful setting
Intricate and industrial design
Vintage look and feel
18″, 2mm rolo cable chain
Hand-made in Los Angeles, CA by a local artist
Product Dimensions:
Pendant – 1 1/4″ x 1″
Neclace – 18″, 2mm silver rolo cable chain
Recycled Time – These rings, pendants and other forms of beautiful jewelry are made with unique and one of a kind recycled watch movements. These watch movements are kept out of landfills and turned into beautiful wearable art with Steampunk, Victorian, and Gothic influences.
The jewelry is proudly hand-made in Los Angeles, CA by a local artist. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and cannot be exactly duplicated.