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Conscious Box



Knocking out holiday shopping ahead of time? Good call. Delight your friends, family, and favorite snuggle buddy with an impressive curated recipe for a perfect night in. Pro tip: light the candle first. This box ships out December 15th.
Deck out with this gold-glam set guaranteed to upgrade anybody’s winter style. Versatile infinity bamboo scarf, up-cycled bracelet and a glitzy pair of notebooks to jot down your holiday to-do list. Perfect for your best friend, mom or yourself. Exclusive to Conscious Box, act now while supplies last!
We’ve got you covered with the Five S’s of a Perfect Gift: Soft, Shiny, Scented, Sweet, and Sentimental. Dazzle all the senses with this indulgent, hand-curated collection. Makes a special gift as a standalone package, or, hand-wrap each item for chic stocking stuffers. Exclusive to Conscious Box, act now while supplies last!
This thoughtful, eco-chic bundle is a perfect upgrade for the morning person in your life. Vegan, Gluten-Free, and humanitarian business practices? Yep, all of that. They’ll sip their morning coffee in style, and you’ll feel great knowing you scored a deal on a memorable, lasting gift that’s easy on the environment. Saving the planet never looked so good. Exclusive to Conscious Box, act now while supplies last!


AirQ Whole House Air Freshener
products_whole_house_lgThe AirQ Whole House Air Freshener transforms the ambiance of your entire home via the heating and air conditioning system. AirQ WHAF is a fully adjustable air-freshening system that eliminates home odors caused by pets, smokers, kids, trash cans, mold and mildew, and delivers the fresh scent of your choice.
AirQ was created expressly to replace aerosols, plug-in air fresheners, reed diffusers, scented candles and other old-fashioned, low-performance air fresheners that often pose health and safety risks. AirQ works automatically to erase odors and create the desired scent effect without flame or heat and without releasing any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
AirQ is also a superb aromatherapy delivery system, when paired with fragrances from the AirQ Aromatherapy Collection.
Transform your home’s ambiance with the same superior scenting technology and chemistry used by the world’s leading hotels, resorts and spas.
Effective odor remediation — AirQ erases (rather than masks) malodors through the use of proprietary neutralizing agents that work in concert with custom-made scents.
Fully adjustable with an on-board computer for treating small to large homes without being too stong or too weak like candles, aerosols and plug-ins. User control of on-off, scent intensity + or -, and preprogrammed start-stop times.
Patented micro-droplet technology uniformly treats the air throughout a home, using ultra-low concentration of liquid compared to aerosols.
Efficient — Cartridges are recyclable and last an average of 60 days.
Safe — Air treatment without use of solvents, propellants, or any other harmful VOCs. AirQ meets and exceeds all consumer product safety standards.
Three sample fragrances are included with each AirQ WHAF purchase: Pink Grapefruit, Forest, and Fresh Clean. Additional fragrances are sold separately.

Mr. Light

Remote Control Color-Changing LED Rechargeable Ceramic Spotted Pillar Lamps
mrlightSet of 2 Remote Control Color-Changing LED Rechargeable Ceramic Spotted Pillar Lamps Pillar Lamp – 6.75″ x 3.3125″ Base – 10.25″ x 5.125″ x .875″ 5 Hour Charge Time / 10 Hour Burn Time

Anna Incense

Incense of the Month Club
Get 31 fresh incense sticks every month for a year! Perfect Gift Idea!

Join incense fans around the world in Anna’s Incense of the Month Club. When you sign up for the Incense of the Month Club, you or someone you love, will receive 31 sticks of a timely and popular fragrance, chosen special by Anna, every month for one year. To send the Incense of the Month Club as a gift. Simply enter the recipient’s information in the “Shipping Address” area and your own information in the “Billing Address” area. Anna’s will send along a card to let them know who they have to thank for their year-long gift.

Betty’s Attic

Hershey’s® Syrup Candle
Betty’s Attic always has the coolest in retro decor finds. This Hershey’s candle is certain to bring back childhood memories.

Imagine the delectable aroma of Hershey’s chocolate syrup–only with zero calories and no guilt!

Tantalizing candle smells so much like the real thing, you might want to hide the spoons!

Burn time: approx. 90-110 hours. 4″ tall; 3.25″ diameter.

Gleeful Peacock

Very Gleeful Holiday Giveaway

I have been lucky enough to be asked to donate my Love My Suds products to an awesome Holiday Giveaway. One groovy little gal has orchestrated it all. Nikki of The Gleeful Peacock has pulled together quite a prize package. The winner will walk away with $500 worth of handmade goodies including, scents, accessories, cleaning products, gift certificates and more.


How to enter…..

1. Join Gleeful Peacock Blog (on the right hand side Join this site)

2. Visit each of these beautiful ladies Facebook pages and “Like” them….
Tweet Baby Designs –
The Peaceful Housewife –
Oopsy Daisies –
Meagan Ready Photography –
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Hollyrocks –
Oikos Handmade –
Okie Scents –
Designs By Jamie –
Rainbow Swirlz –
Bluebird Lane –
Gleeful Peacock –
Love My Suds –
3. Visit this blog to learn what each of these beautiful ladies will be giving away.
4. Fill out the form at the bottom of Gleeful Peacock blog page!!!! You are entered once all these steps are complete.
Easy!!! Right?

Created by Alice

Envelop your home with the spicy scent of fresh banana nut bread. Your find these rustic soy jars Created by Alice on eBay

100% soy wax candle. Soy wax burns longer, produces less soot and smoke, and throws a wonderful scent. Candles and tarts are triple scented to ensure a fantastic smelling candle. This candle is in a 12 oz apothecary jar with a tin lid. Attatched a snip of plaid cloth along with a rustic star to the lid for that country feel. This is one of my best selling scents. If you love the smell of fresh bannana nut bread baking, this candle is for you.

EcoExpress Gifts

Healthy Candles

Pamper yourself and relax with these calming candles at EcoExpress Gifts on eBay.
Simple. Pure. Healthy.
Escape the stresses of the day with these lovely natural blend soy and beeswax candles. Creating a relaxing and soothing ambiance, these candles have cotton, lead-free wicks and come in a 12 oz. glass votive. An attractive re-useable bamboo gift box completes the set . These special candles are a healthier alternative to traditional petroleum based parrafin candles! Burn time: approx. 80 hrs.
Choose one of the following when you checkout:
Grapefruit Cassis
Lavender and Fir
Lemon and Ginger
Sandalwood and Citrus
Light and enjoy.
Handcrafted in USA.

Favorite Scents Candles

Sex on the Beach Soy Blend Candle

Cute Victorian style soy candle with a wonderful romantic scent from Favorite Scents Candles.

This candle is made with a soy blend, part soy, part paraffin.

You’ll love this wonderful scent and these adorable 8 oz jars. They are very popular for their unique style, each have a black lid and they are tied with either a pink or black ribbon.

Candles are scented to the maximum with uncut fragrance oils. And will burn approximately 40-50 hours.

13 Moons

Green Man Pillar Candle

The roots of the Greenman go deep into our psyche. He is the cycle of death and rebirth through personal sacrifice. He is the primordial self who seeks to express his wild nature in tame elements.
Through his explorations, the Greenman finds his place in the world and his rhythm in nature. It is by making mistakes that he learns who he is and who he is not. This basic instinct to discover his limitations and rise above them pushes him to be strong and fearless when faced with any situation.

Lush Green Pillar scented with Juniper, Cedar, Cypress and Patchouli
Candle measures approximately 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″
Approximate Burn Time 73 hours.
You can find these under “Goddess & God Candles” Category.