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Recycled Plastic Large Hopper Bird Feeder
Winter has begun and our little feathered garden friends need our help more then ever. Wild birds depend on us for water and food. Your birdies will return again and again to this mother earth friendly feeder.

Eco-friendly recycled plastic.
Holds 2.5 quarts of seed.
10 x 9 x 10.5
Get ready for winter! Wild birds are already preparing for the harsh winter ahead and here’s how you can help:
Give all of your feeders a good, thorough cleaning before it gets too cold.
Clean out nest boxes thoroughly as many birds use these in the winter for roosting sites during cold nights. You may want to add an inch or so of dry grass or straw on the bottom for insulation.
Keep your feeders filled. Having a consistent, ready supply of food for wild birds is the most effective way to establish a population of winter resident birds in and around your yard. A well stocked feeder may also attract migrating species you don’t normally get to see. And don’t forget the suet!
Offer a variety of food in a variety of feeders. Platform feeders, tube feeders, mesh feeders, suet feeders, etc. all attract different birds.
Water should be consistently offered throughout the coldest winter months not only to avoid dehydration, but because many backyard birds must bathe year ’round to maintain their feathers for both effective and efficient flight. A de-icer can be added to an existing birdbath, or there are many good quality heated birdbaths available in our store.

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